Delta Chi Windsor marks a long standing tradition on the University of Windsor campus as a social fraternity with benefits far beyond the reach of southern Ontario! We're always up for a good time, and we'll always be there for our brothers. Please let us know if you're interested in rushing! Join the likes of our men, the best decision you'll ever make.

Our fraternity is comprised of undergraduate men attending the University of Windsor. We are supported by over 400 locally initiated alumni and over 100,000 initiated members in North America. We own our own house and have been strong in the Windsor community for over 40 years. We are the longest running fraternity on campus for a reason.

We take pride in our education, our values, our accomplishments and the enrichment and enjoyment that we add to the post-secondary education experience. The connections and networking possibilities that our fraternity provides can not be understated. Our local and international alumni base is one of the largest in North America. Our alumni have graduated from almost every program in the university respectively, you'll always find a common thread a Delta Chi Windsor.


Networking among our membership provides business partners, lawyers, real-estate agents, accountants, job prospects, the options are endless. Our chapter has members in all positions around the community.


Our philanthropic events are one of our biggest sources of pride. Every year we participate in and hold events to raise awareness and money for charitable causes. The social aspect of a fraternity is one of its greatest benefits. We have BBQs, play volleyball on our beach volleyball court, have social outings with sororities, and more.


Rushing Delta Chi is an unforgettable experience that helps, not hinders, the education process. We have an academic advisor on the University faculty that is available for guidance. We have scholarship opportunities, study sessions and opportunities to swap textbooks. With such a diverse membership, it is easy to find a brother that has been in your shoes and is more than willing to help.

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